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Martin Buber Youth Kibbutz - 13-16 year olds - Session 1
Starting DateMonday July 22, 2013
End DateSunday July 28, 2013
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Aware & Eco-Conscious Youth

The Martin Buber Summer Youth Kibbutz offers a unique way for youth (ages 13-16) to deepen their Jewish identity and sense of community, their understanding of Jewish teachings on community and ecology, as well as their practice of and commitment to Tikkun Olam.

The overnight camp takes place at Am Kolel’s Sanctuary Retreat Center in Beallsville, MD.  Two sessions are offered and youth can enroll in one or both sessions. Participants will experience kibbutz-style cooperative living while learning about Jewish social philosophy, Jewish environmental ethics, conflict-resolution, and working on an organic farm.

Each day includes morning prayer and contemplative spiritual practice, farm work and cooking, hiking,
study of Martin Buber's teachings on social philosophy and Jewish renewal, a campfire and a kumsitz, or sing-along. In addition, daily chuggim (interest groups) include opportunities to learn new skills such as bicycle maintenance, guitar, harmonica, wood crafts and storytelling.

Students will hear presentations and participate in discussions on such topics as "Judaism and Food Culture" and "Global Warming."  We will also take field trips to local sites.

Shabbat will be observed in a traditional and uplifting manner.  We will refrain from the week’s work, and take the time to sing, learn and eat.  Because we are encouraging a pluralistic Jewish encounter, we want to respect everyone’s level of observance, and create a space where everyone feels comfortable celebrating.

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